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City of Montreal, housing almost four million people.

City of Montreal, housing almost four million people.

Last weekend we went to Montreal city with Jamie and Kaspar. I have to say: Montreal is a great place! First of all, i had so much of fun, i didn’t even remember to take photos and there was so much to see and do, that Montreal needs a new visit soon.

We stayed in Hotel Delta at downtown. We took the bus from St. Adele to Montreal and it only cost 38,5 dollars for a round trip. Bus was nice and it only took 1,5 hours. Bus arrived to the central bus station that is located at metro station Berri-Uqam.

From Berri-Uqam we took the Metro to McGill and walked to our hotel. Everything was close. All the shops, film theatre, shopping mals, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. We found a place where you can order a can (couple liters) of beer with 15 bucks. That’s way cheaper than in St. Adele. We went to nightclub called Seven. It was really nice place and the cost to get in was 12 dollars.

On sunday it was hang over day, so we went to look for some stores and after that to watch a movie in Imax. Thank god, all the movies in Imax are in English. No dubbing! Movie ticket cost 12 dollars and popcorns with big Coke 10 bucks or something. It’s not that cheap, but it was really nice. In fact it was so nice, that we went to watch second movie on Monday just before leaving back to St. Adele.

For me Montreal felt like New York City, but in a smaller size. Tall buildings, lots of shopping places, nice bars/restaurants/nightclubs, the European atomsphere, nice people etc. If you find yourself going to North America for longer visit, you shoul come to Canada and check Montreal and Toronto at least.

My home in St. Adele.

My home in St. Adele.

After cold week the weather is getting better. Today i took photo of my house. I’m living with Gaby, Oscar and Jens. Great house mates. If you click the photo of my home, you can go and check out the couple photos i took in Montreal and from my home. Next time in Montreal i’ll do some hardcore photoshooting! And next time i have to see the old Montreal! Good autumn to everyone! Hyvää syksyä!


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