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New York in the spring of 2008.

New York in the spring of 2008.

It’s only four weeks until we are going to head to New York for New Year’s Eve, and of course tomorrow is the first day to open your Christmas Calendar. Like chocolate, New York is really sweet and tasteful, and sometimes it’s bagged with surprise, it’s one of the best cities in the world. It has everything, it’s the city of dreams, the city that never sleeps. It’s one of those many places, that everybody has to try for them selfs.

We are heading toward New York from Montreal with a bus. The bus wasn’t first choice, we were also thinking about taking a train. In fact the train is even cheaper, it costs only 60 dollars for one way. But it takes over 11 hours and the schedule is much worse. The train leaves toward New York from Montreal on morning, but it arrives really late, and when returning from New York, the train leaves too early (7am). That’s the reason we end up with the bus. Train tickets you can buy from Amtrak. If the schedule is no problem, the train might be good choise, at least it’s cheaper. Bus tickets we bought from Greyhound, and they cost 64 dollars one way. That’s still pretty cheap compared to flight tickets.

The bus is going to take 7,5 hours including the border crossing. The distance from Montreal to New York is 602 kilometres. You can see the route here from Google Maps. So it is almost the same distance as from my hometown Oulu to our capital Helsinki in Finland. Distance between Oulu and Helsinki with car is 607 kilometres. Well, comparing Helsinki and New York isn’t fair.

Like i wrote in my last post, we have chosen the Pod Hotel with three bunk bed rooms. Before i have been in the single pod room and in the queen one. The single pod room was really small, but it’s still okay for travelling alone. The only negative thing is that you don’t have your own toilet and the room costs somewhere near 100 dollars per night. You might be better of with some of the hostels in the city. But if your wallet isn’t empty, the cool, funky, design Pod Hotel is good choice. The Queen bed room had it own toilet and shower, but the room costs near 200 dollars per night. With that budget you have lots of choices in New York. The bunk bed room is great, with price of little over 100 bucks per night, you have room for two, who doesn’t need to be couple as both has own beds. The Pod Hotel is cool and great choice, so try it if your budget allows it. Another cool hotel is the Hotel Chelsea.

We made the reservation for the two of the hotel rooms already in end of September and the third room we got in middle of November. If you want to have the hotel you want in New York in the New Year’s Eve, i recommend that you make the reservations already. Also remember that most hotels ask more money for the rooms on New Year’s Eve.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge.

We are taking the night bus to New York and we are returning with a night bus too. This will give as extra time in New York and also we save some money, when travelling on the night. We have couple days before the New Year’s Eve to check the city. I am the only one who has been there before, so there’s lots of things to show to the guys. I won’t mind it, because most of those places are awesome.

The planing what we are going to do on New Year’s Eve might be the hardest part, because if we want to go to the Time Square, it’s going to be 8 hours of waiting without toilets, food, drinks etc. That doesn’t sound so good. The city is of course full of bars, party’s etc. but you have to know the right places. You can buy these tickets to bars that cost from 80 bucks to 500, and you get different benefits, but for even the cheapest tickets you get open bar for the whole night, so you can drink as much as you want. Well, what ever we choose, i know it’s going to be blast to be there on New Year’s Eve. You can find more information about the open bar tickets from here.

Even that we are going to New York soon, i am already really excited about the Cuba too. I was checking some hotels over in Havana, and they cost 20 dollars per night. The flights to Cuba from Canada are cheap. They cost from 200 to 300 euros. We are planning to go to Cuba on my or Jamie’s birthday. It’s good, because i want some heat. I still remember those nights in Cairo. I don’t know why, but always when i here this song “Adam Strange – Traveller” i get so excited about travelling…well i know the reason, it’s the Madventures. The guys are returning with new season on next year and they got this time deal with Travel channel, so all you people who don’t speak Finnish are able to check the show. It’s awesome, the best travel show ever, even that Folke West still rules!

Over and out from Canada. I love this place, but i need some heat too and to see again the city that never sleeps! PS. if you want to listen to a radio station from my area, here is good one


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