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Winter is here!

Winter is here!

We just survived the really nice colours of Autumn! But now the Winter is here, with lots of snow. One day it was snowing so much, that our front yard has now half meter of snow, well it wouldn’t be a problem, but we don’t have snow shovel!

The Saint-Adele looks really beautiful right now, and all the skiing hills are opening on near by area. The first day it was snowing here, was kind of funny, because at our work place most of the cars couldn’t get up the hill and needed some pushing help. This is the first winter that Canadians have law about winter tires.

The Christmas is also behind the door, and i bough myself Christmas chocolate calendar. Well, i don’t want to miss the Christmas! I’m getting my Christmas present after 25th, we are going to New York for New Years eve. I’m going there with Raymond, Elvis, Tommy, Jamie and Kaspar. We have booked the Pod Hotel. Three Bunk Bed rooms (two guys per room) and it only costs 550 dollars per each. Thats not much for 6 nights at New Years eve time. If we would had chosen Hostel, we could of course get it for cheaper, but i really like the Pod Hotel and its located in nice place. East 51 st. between 2 and 3th avenue.

I love the hills. Its so different from my hometown Oulu.

I love the hills. It's so different from my hometown Oulu.

I really love the New York and it’s nice to go there with bunch of friends. There’s going to be a million people at the Time Square on the New Years eve. Thats the same amount as people living in the greater Helsinki area of Finland. It’s 8 times more people, than my hometown Oulu has population. We are going to the U.S.A with bus from Montreal. It cost 160 dollar for round trip and it takes eight hours (night bus).

I have been now three months in Canada. The time has been really nice and the work is nice too. Theres lots of great things here, like the nature, hills, cheap gasoline, nice people etc. Living in different country is something that everybody should try. Have a nice winter everyone! PS. my couch is always free for anyone coming this way!

You can see my gallery of Winter photos from Saint-Adele by clicking the photos in the post or by going to this site Winter has come to Saint-Adele!


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