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This blog is written by 25 years old guy from Finland. You know, the country with polar bears, Koskenkorva (cheap vodka), landscape that is missing hills and where the Santa Claus is living when he isn’t giving Christmas presents to bad kids. But luckily i have escaped from Finland for the moment, and now i am living in the Canada.

My blog is mostly about photographing and traveling around the world. Those two things i love really much. I might also write about something else, but thats only because i have been too lazy to take my camera out. Also i might sometimes be too lazy to write in English, so the blog has articles in English and in Finnish.

If you want to talk about the weather you can contact me by email or you can use the smoke signs.


One Comment

  1. Terve!

    Mainioita kuvia teillä täällä. Löytyisiköhän tuolta zirkus kuvien arkistoista lissää PKP-kuvia tuolta keikalta? Jos, niin kiitollisena otettaisiin vastaan vaikka sähköpostiin…

    T: Jaska/pkp

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